StereoSketcher is a stereoscopic 3D drawing toy.



Create Dots
rightclickanywherecreate dot
rightclickshiftanywherecreate dot and select it (or alt key if this causes a popup menu for you)
rightclickcontrol + shiftanywherecreate dot and create a line between it and other currently selected dot (or control + alt if this causes a popup menu for you)
Item Selection
any selection gestureshiftitemcumulative select
leftclickitemselect item
leftclick and dragopen spaceselect dots contained in selectangle
leftclick and dragcontrolopen spaceselect shapes of dots contained in selectangle
leftclickopen spacedeselect all
leftdouble clickdotselect all contiguous dots
leftdouble clickline or faceselect all contiguous lines and faces
leftclickcontroldotselect all lines and faces of dot
leftclickcontrolline or faceselect all dots of line or face
leftclick and dragunselected dotselect dot and move selected dots
leftclick and dragselected dotmove selected dots
leftclick and dragcontrolselected dotrotate selected dots
rightclick and dragoutside selected dotspan
rightclick and dragselected dotstretch dots
rightclick and dragcontrolselected dotstretch dots with fixed proportions
wheelpressanywherecopy and paste selected lines and faces
wheelpresscontrolanywhereextrude selected lines and faces

Pro tips

Other help


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